karina // denis – engagement

I am so blessed with you.
You are my most precious gift from Daddy.
My eyes swell up with tears when I think of how perfectly He brought you into my life.
How much He teaches me, helps me grow and heals my heart through you.
How He transforms me into what He wants me to be.
His beloved child.
Your wife.
Your perfect helper.
And every day… every day you are so patient with me.
So passionate and full of love,
And you care for me without limits.
And you must know that there are no words I could find, would I look for them all my life! No words to describe how dearly I treasure you
And tell you that
You are far better than anything else I have ever seen or ever will see.
My most glorious
Most precious
Most graceful
And I love you, Denis.
My heart aches with love for you.

– Karina


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