Hi there! As you can see some things have changed around here. This is the new home for my stories and photos and I hope you’ll like it as much as I do. Also the branding has evolved into something new: an anchor. And I have strong reasons to move forward to this logo and the main reason is that it is related to my own person and spiritual journey from the last 10 months.

Some of the people around you today are living without hope. Look at them; they smile, but their eyes are dead. They talk, but the music has left their voice. They’re like mannequins: all dressed up and going nowhere because they feel hopeless.

There are many things that you can go without, but without hope, life seems dark and cold. If you are in a storm right now, let hope anchor your mind, will and emotions in the safety of God’s harbor! No place is more secure. Fill yourself up with His Word and keep your focus on Him. Look beyond the circumstances to see God’s promises to you.
Remember Your Anchor.





 So this is the new radubenjamin.com

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